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I love sending handwritten, real old-fashioned letters. Through this blog I met a lot of people who share this love with me and ever since, my mailbox lives through happy days. On this page I share the beauty of all the wonderful words, cards and packages I get from everywhere around the world, to thank everyone who sends me those. I hope you enjoy these letters as much as I do.

From Katrijn. N°6


DSCF6780 copy copyklein

It is a pleasure to pick up the writing with Katrijn again, she had some great news in this letter! She became a mom and I didn’t know about it because we only stay in touch trough letter-writing (and you all know about my huuuge writing-break)! This proves again that snail-mail is always full of surprises :)

DSCF6783 copyklein

I got this card from my colleague, I like it a lot! Coincidence is that I sent the same card in my letter to Katrijn :^)

Which reminds me that I never post pictures of the letters I send to my pen palls. Would you like me to share those on this page too?

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From Anouk

11.01.2015 • Anouk Maes • Ghent, Belgium

Anouk is one of the most talented illustrators I know! She gave me this card with one of her drawings as a farewell-gift after having worked together for over a year. I’m going to miss her by my side and hope she’ll be able to fulfill her dream to become a full-time illustrator. Have a look at her tumblr to find more of her work, it’s so good!

Good luck, Anouk!

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The happy mail project (10)

10.2013 • Julie Van Wezemael • Ghent, Belgium

I’m happy to tell you that his year I am part of the Happy Mail Project. In this project 13 creatives from all over the world will write one another a letter every month: 1 letter every month, 12 letters in 12 months. You can follow the whole project on the facebook-page or on the happy-mail-blog. (No idea what happened to letters 8 and 9 but to be honest, I’m a bit behind on writing myself. Time to catch up!)

This month’s letter is one that didn’t travel very far, sent out by the talented illustrator Julie Van Wezemael. I love it this letter, I love her drawings! Look at the pretty bird she made me, and I’m so happy with these beautiful postcards. And all the lovely little treasures.

Dankjewel Julie!

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From Juliette.

09.2013 • Ghent, Belgium

♡ x 1000

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