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I love sending handwritten, real old-fashioned letters. Through this blog I met a lot of people who share this love with me and ever since, my mailbox lives through happy days. On this page I share the beauty of all the wonderful words, cards and packages I get from everywhere around the world, to thank everyone who sends me those. I hope you enjoy these letters as much as I do.

From Jade.


A letter I received from sweet Jade. I loved to read her beautiful thoughts and it’s so lovely to sense how she lives the little things in life with so much joy. She chose perfect postcards to send me with her letter. Some of the seeds I planted in my garden, I hope they will grow soon!

Thank you, dear Jade!

> Have a look at Jade’s instagram, it’s so pretty! She’s so good in capturing little but precious moments in a beautiful way. I’m a fan!

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From Mien.

14.04.2015 • GHENT, BELGIUM

A beautiful letter from Mien, a lovely lady who I run into now and then, here in the city. I like that we also write letters to each-other now. With her letter she added a booklet that she made herself, how nice is that! She used some papers that I sent her in a previous letter, I really like the idea that the things I send out get used to create new pretty things. Thank you, Mien!

> Here you can see some letters and a card that I sent out, also the one that I sent to Mien. Oh, and if you follow # writelisawrite, you’ll see some more mail-treasures :^)


From Katrijn. N°6


DSCF6780 copy copyklein

It is a pleasure to pick up the writing with Katrijn again, she had some great news in this letter! She became a mom and I didn’t know about it because we only stay in touch trough letter-writing (and you all know about my huuuge writing-break)! This proves again that snail-mail is always full of surprises :)

DSCF6783 copyklein

I got this card from my colleague, I like it a lot! Coincidence is that I sent the same card in my letter to Katrijn :^)

Which reminds me that I never post pictures of the letters I send to my pen palls. Would you like me to share those on this page too?

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From Anouk

11.01.2015 • Anouk Maes • Ghent, Belgium

Anouk is one of the most talented illustrators I know! She gave me this card with one of her drawings as a farewell-gift after having worked together for over a year. I’m going to miss her by my side and hope she’ll be able to fulfill her dream to become a full-time illustrator. Have a look at her tumblr to find more of her work, it’s so good!

Good luck, Anouk!

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