Last week we had a family gathering on a farm. I fell in love with the chickens and I wanted to adopt a rabbit. Sadly we don’t have the space to keep many animals. Also I would love to have a guinea pig, they’re just too cute.

How have you all been? I hope everything is well.

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    Oh I understand you so much.
    I’ve been re-watching the Edible garden lately, and became so jealous of Alys’ beautiful chickens. I cannot wait for the day I’ll have sweet littles hens in my backyard.
    But right now, I’m asking myself (very seriously) if I should take a kitty or not. Well I probably should wait a bit more but… it’s SO hard!

    Oh and a rabbit and a guinea pig too! I LOVE dottie angel’s one :)

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    I grew up in a farm and i have lovely memories of bein always surrounded by animals everywhere!

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    Oh happy chickens! Sooooo good to see some like these. And to see new pictures here! I also would love to have some, but therefore I need a garden, which would be a treasure for future…who knows, maybe some day. Wish you a nice week. Here the sun is shining :D

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    Bunnies! I love them. Had so many when I was little. I would love to have them again, but only when I own a house with a huge garden for them to play in :)

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    oh, the bunnies! :)
    and must say the chickens look beautiful!

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