Little by little I’m going to show you a bit of my house. These are bits of my bedroom.

x. Plants: soleirolia soleirolii aka peace-in-the-room, fittonia and avocado
x. Charlie the curious cat
x. My bed, I love white sheets
x. One of my Ficus Elastica (here is my other one), who has been burnt by the sun a little last summer. Oops :^)

I’ve been a lazy blogger lately, I hope you don’t mind. Winter got it’s grip on me so I’m busy enjoying these little sparkles of sunlight whenever I can. Because of this, I’ve also been a lazy letter-writer so please be patient if you’re waiting for a reply from me. I will show you pictures of my received letters and cards soon. And I’m knitting my first cable-scarf of which I also hope to show you pictures soon.

In the meantime I’m reading all your lovely blogs & comments and I like it!
Enjoy the rest of the week and hopefully you get some sunshine too :)


  1. i really like this post, because of your pictures, the plants as usual and because its my birthday today :) thank you!

    1. Yay, happy birthday to you!

      :) :) :)

  2. mooooi! gave muur boven het bed en die plant is super :)

  3. wat mooi zeg!
    ik wilde precies hetzelfde zeggen als Danique: supermooie muur, en mooie planten. tof die lamp ook boven het bed, :)

  4. Hee, ik kreeg vandaag je kaarten! Dank je, ze zijn leuk. Mijn pakje is maandag op de post gegaan, dus hopelijk snel bij jou.

    1. Ja, aangekomen, dankjewel! Ook erg leuke :)

  5. Ik kom bij u wonen. :-)

  6. Oh mooi. Zo simplistisch. Ik ben zelf veel te bombastisch, maar zou eigenlijk moeten leren genieten van minder spullen. :)

  7. sunny! Beautiful plants. I like the soleiria the most.
    The wood wall looks nice too :)

  8. I love your plants! That Ficus Elastica is pretty gorgeous. Also adore your yellow lamp.

  9. nice collection of plants !

  10. hello charlie!
    the plant in the center, in first picture, is gorgeous!
    is this the fittonia one? : )
    your house looks very pretty so far,
    with beautiful natural light : )
    enjoy the sunshine moments!

    1. Yes, that’s the fittonia :)
      Thank you!

  11. Such pretty pictures! (And winter has the same effect on me)

  12. Love to see your house!

  13. Wat een fijn licht in je slaapkamer!

    Ben benieuwd naar je sjaal… Ik ben net ook weer een brei project begonnen… nog geen idee wat het gaat worden :P

  14. Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for your letter and the wonderful scarf you made me! I love it, it is so cozy and to know that you made it for me makes it even more special! Thank you so much!

    1. You’re most welcome, dear Claudia!

  15. there is so much light!! love it =)
    I gave my ficus a bit too much water and it turned the same yellowish color…i guess those guys are sensitive =)


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