Nu zondag 29/03 om 18u10 kunnen jullie mij en mijn liefde voor planten bezig zien in Groenland op één… Ik ben héél benieuwd en ik hoop dat jullie allemaal gaan kijken!


I’ll be on Belgian tv this Sunday :D

> The plant-hanger is home-made by me (soon for sale!), the hairy succulent was a gift from dear Sara, and the pretty tile was a gift from my brother and is from storytiles.


This morning a cameracrew visited me and my cats in our home. We will be on national television in a week or two, you’ll see the cats chilling and me talking about regrowth, houseplants and plant-hangers. I’m very curious for the result and I hope that all you (flemish) people out here will be watching and supporting me :) I’ll share the exact date and hour as soon as I find out more about it myself… Exciting!

> a song I like a lot
> a beautiful blog that I love to visit
> Did you see any good movies lately?


Spring-weather makes us happy! In the pictures you can see:
> balloons for my ♡’s birthday, for me it marks the beginning of spring
> Mimi and Charlie enjoying the sunshine inside the house

I’m working on some things; I love it how the atmosphere in spring is so promising! I’m knitting a lot lately and I’m preparing my urban garden for a new season of greenery. The snail-mail writing is on full speed again, I’ll be sharing some letters I made as soon as they have arrived on their destination. Besides all this I’m also working on something I’ve been willing to do for a very-very long time, although I never had the courage to do it. But everyone I’ve been telling about my idea has been very positive and supporting, so I think I’m going to take a jump… It needs some overthinking first, but I’ll keep you posted :)

For now:

> A song I like
> An event you’re all kindly invited to


First and last picture are taken in Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam (crazy food, not so very good though…), the second one in Den Haag, where we visited the Rothko-exhibition.

Things I liked lately:
> Snail mail in my mailbox!
> This album on repeat
> Spring in the air!
> This movie

And here are five things you might not yet know about me :)


My ♡ and his friend did the graphic design for this exhibition, and they both got beautiful flowers at the opening yesterday. No need to say that I’m very happy with the flowers too, and so is Charlie :^)

January flew by, now we need to make it through cold cold February, I’m hoping that spring will be here soon… Have a happy Sunday and a good start into the new week.