My ♡ and his friend did the graphic design for this exhibition, and they both got beautiful flowers at the opening yesterday. No need to say that I’m very happy with the flowers too, and so is Charlie :^)

January flew by, now we need to make it through cold cold February, I’m hoping that spring will be here soon… Have a happy Sunday and a good start into the new week.

Sara Hat

I’ve been knitting a lot this winter! I find so much comfort in it and it is very satisfying to finish a project that turns out beter than expected…

I was pleased when my ♡’s dear sister Sara asked me to knit her a hat after an example she saw in a store. It was a bit of a challenge to find a pattern that resembled it that I would be able to knit. In found this pattern and I modified it a bit to fit with Sara’s likes. I definitely learned some new techniques when making it and I think it turned out quite well. And I made someone happy, so double bonus! Now all that’s left is to crochet a pink flower to pin onto it, that’s what I’ll be doing today.

You can find the hat and some of my other current projects on my ravelry page.

Some things I like:
> this song and it’s (a bit uncomfortable) video
> this beautiful house in the middle of nature
> cuddling my cats
> being back in blogworld ✔︎

A fresh start

2014 has been a very hard year for me. I lost both my grandfathers in a short period of four months, which made me deeply sad and emotional for a long time. I needed a while to take care of myself and focus on the things that really matter in life. So I neglected this blog and I neglected you; my readers and blogfriends.

But now is 2015 and it’s time to let the hard times behind. A new year to focus on the good things to come and to look back on 2014 without heartache, but enriched with everything that these emotions have learned me.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me and encouraged me to go on, no matter what (you know who you are! ♡)

To mark this fresh start I updated my blog-design. I really hope you like it – I do! These pictures are from my highlight of 2014: our travel to Corsica in the end of October. This island stole my heart and we will definitely go back there one day. Now all I need is a new blog name, I’ve outgrown the Lililabeth-brand… I’m thinking!

Things I like:
– this website, plants!
this song

Àki blanket

Another babyblanket that I made. You can find it on Ravelry too. I haven’t been feeling very well lately, and knitting is a kind of therapy for me. I have lots of projects in my mind, so that’s good.

I’m doubting if I want to continue with this blog, at least for now I’m taking it slow.


It’s been a while. I had my mind occupied on things and I simply don’t have the vigor I used to have to put into this blog. I hope to find it again soon, but in the meanwhile you can follow me on instagram to see what’s up.

> These pictures are from a visit to the botanic gardens in Meise.
> I find comfort in this song.

See you, friends.